In 1991, the first excursion to the USA was organized for selected students of the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana. Since then, the excursion has become a tradition and is still being held yearly today. It is intended for students of higher years within the elective course Banking, Insurance and Financial Markets. It is organized in the second half of March, and within 14 days the students visit New York and Washington DC.

The purpose of the excursion is to visit international institutions, US law colleges (Columbia University, New York University) and judicial institutions. By attending court hearings, students become directly familiar with the American court system and by visiting law firms, they learn about the profession of a lawyer in an international law firm. They also observe work in other key legal and economic institutions (United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, US Congress, US Supreme Court, etc.).

In their spare time, visits to sports (NBA, NHL) and cultural (Broadway, Metropolitan Opera) events are organized, and students have an opportunity to get to know both cities and pursue their own interests.

An important part of the excursion is the organization of the excursion, which is quite a project. The excursion is organized by the participants under the guidance of prof. Janez Kranjc and prof. Franjo Štiblar. For many people, this is the first time that they are confronted with organizing such a challenging event.